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Review Article
Gamification in education: A citation network analysis using CitNetExplorer
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 15, Issue 2, Article No: ep405
Research Article
Social networks and gamification in physical education: A case study
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 15, Issue 1, Article No: ep401
Research Article
Gamification, Online Learning and Motivation: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Higher Education
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 14, Issue 4, Article No: ep381
Research Article
CrossQuestion Game: A Group-Based Assessment for Gamified Flipped Classroom Experience Using the ARCS Model
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 14, Issue 2, Article No: ep355
Research Article
Adaptation of Modified Gamification User Types Scale into Turkish
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 12, Issue 2, Article No: ep268
Research Article
Use of Digital Games in Writing Education: An Action Research on Gamification
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 246-271
Research Article
The Role of Serious Games, Gamification and Industry 4.0 Tools in the Education 4.0 Paradigm
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 120-136
Research Article
Gamification in Science Education: Gamifying Learning of Microscopic Processes in the Laboratory
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 138-159
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