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Research Article
Development of an AI literacy assessment for non-technical individuals: What do teachers know?
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 16, Issue 3, Article No: ep512
Research Article
A needs assessment evaluation of information technology student mobile website design skills
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 16, Issue 1, Article No: ep494
Research Article
Learning assessment challenges from students and faculty perception in times of COVID-19: A case study
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 15, Issue 2, Article No: ep415
Research Article
Vietnamese Teachers’ Acceptance to Use E-Assessment Tools in Teaching: An Empirical Study Using PLS-SEM
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 14, Issue 3, Article No: ep375
Research Article
Students’ Perspectives on the Use of Differentiated Assessment Tool: Results from an Explanatory Sequential Mixed-Method Pilot Study
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 14, Issue 2, Article No: ep358
Research Article
Who Are the Victims of Cyberbullying? Preliminary Data Towards Validation of "Cyberbullying Victim Questionnaire”
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 13, Issue 3, Article No: ep310
Research Article
New Media Literacies of Communication Students
CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp. 265-277
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