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The Effectiveness of E-LMS on Performance of Indian Rural Schools: A Case from a Developing Country

S. Arulchelvan 1 *

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 1-16

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Technologies are available for education in various forms now. One primary task involves determining how best to utilize available technology resources to enhance student learning. Electronic Learning Management System (E-LMS) is one the important strategy for learning. It has the ability to document the academic performance of the individual student. This is highly useful in managing all type of academic and other activities of students by institutions. This study aimed to know the facts and effectiveness of E-LMS among the school students. Survey, comparative analysis and Interview methods were used in this study. Major findings from the study are: E-LMS is significantly influence the students and teachers. The absenteeism ratio has declined. This in turn reflected in the academic performance of the students since they have no other option than sustaining with the learning activities. Overall performance of a student is also significantly increased. The effectiveness of E-LMS may be improved from the points of reporting in regional languages when exist, Web-based reporting, and Interactive communication. Because the system has positive impact among the students, this will prove very effective when implemented in large scale in India.



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