e-ISSN: 1309-517X
Student Attitude to Internet Resources of Charitable Subjects

Denis G. Shelevoi 1 * , Alexander V. Ostroushko 2, Olga A. Pervozvanskaya 3, Yuliya L. Kamasheva 4, Jhanna I. Aytuganova 5, Andrey V. Kazakov 6

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 1-9

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This article is aimed at assessing the attitudes and characteristics of students’ use of Internet resources for charitable activities. Modern society is considered as informational - fully permeated with information and communication processes, implemented not only in real but also in a virtual environment. The article investigates the development of charity in the modern information society. The aim of the research is to study the attitude of students to Internet resources as a tool for the development of charity in Russia. The research methods is the analysis based on the use of methods of content analysis and General scientific empirical research methods to identify the characteristics of students’ attitude to the Internet resources of charitable subjects. The article considers the concept of charity as a process aimed at changing, improving the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of charitable activities. It is established that the qualitative characteristics of charitable activities are sincerity and targeting of assistance; perception of the concept of charity; quantitative characteristics of charity are the activity of charitable assistance (the volume of its implementation); coverage of those in need of charitable assistance; frequency of charitable assistance (how often a person provides assistance). The results of the evaluation of students’ attitude to the Internet resources of charitable subjects shows that at the moment the Internet resources of charitable subjects only half correspond to the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the development of charitable activities, but in solving certain problems, this coverage can be absolute, which allows us to consider Internet resources as possible tools for the development of charitable activities. The necessity of creating an emotional component in the process of expressing gratitude to the benefactor is revealed (the Internet resource should always personally thank the user for the assistance provided; Internet resources are offered to focus more on the targeting and efficiency of assistance). The novelty and originality of the study lies in the fact that the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of charitable assistance are determined. The features of the attitude of students to the Internet resources of charitable subjects are revealed. The analysis revealed that the main problem of using Internet resources for charity was the distrust of Internet users. The principles for work of Internet resources of charitable subjects in work with philanthropists are defined: the principle of targeting, which means that the activity of the Internet resource is aimed at assisting a certain category of people in need; the principle of efficiency in the activities of Internet resources should mean that the administration of user interaction should be carried out as quickly as possible.



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