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The use of video as media in distance learning for deaf students

Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh 1 *

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 15, Issue 2, Article No: ep418

Submitted: 17 December 2022, Published Online: 01 March 2023

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that are facilitating or impeding the use of video media in distance learning for deaf students, as well as the solutions that have been implemented. The method of inquiry in this study was a phenomenological qualitative approach. This research also makes use of descriptive analysis. In this study, data was gathered by observation, interviews, and documentation. The data’s reliability may be checked and double-checked in a number of different ways, including via increased involvement, extended observation, and the use of triangulation. There were several steps involved in the data analysis process, starting with data collection and ending with conclusions drawn from the data. Attempts to use video media in distance learning for deaf students are entangled with a number of circumstances, some of which are helpful and others of which are hindering. These include the student, the teacher, and the school’s physical location. Aside from that, all teachers are attempting to address the challenges faced by deaf students who utilize video-based learning resources as part of their distance education courses.



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