e-ISSN: 1309-517X
The Experiences of Pre-service Science Teachers in Educational Content Development Using Web 2.0 Tools

Gulden Gursoy 1, Derya Orhan Goksun 1 *

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp. 338-357

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The present study aimed to improve the experiences of pre-service science teachers in content development using Web 2.0 tools and to determine the effects of these experiences on their self-efficacy beliefs in content development via Web 2.0 tools. The present study was conducted with a mixed design that included empirical and phenomenological methods. Forty-two pre-service science teachers participated in the study. During the implementation, pre-service teachers developed content using Web 2.0 tools such as Kahoot, Quizizz, Powtoon, Emaze, MindMeister and Toondoo and shared the content with the class using Edmodo. “Self-Efficacy Belief Scale on Fast Content Development via Web 2.0” was used as pre- and post-tests. Findings demonstrated that pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs and all sub-dimensions of content development via Web 2.0 tools improved as a result of the implementation. The views of them were grouped under seven themes; prejudice, satisfaction, awareness, fun, infrastructure problems, language problems and tool problems. Additionally, when the mean of item responses were examined, it was seen that the highest one was about preparing worksheet self-efficacy belief.  Furthermore, it was determined that pre-service teachers were happy to participate in the implementation, recognized ways to integrate technology in their fields, and had fun while developing content.