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Exploring the integration of bite-sized learning: A scoping review of research in education and related disciplines

Chamil Arkhasa Nikko Mazlan 1 * , Mohd Hassan Abdullah 1, Mohd Azam Sulong 1, Ashardi Abas 1, Mohamad Rohieszan Ramdan 1, Abdul Rahman Safian 1, Dayang Rafidah Syariff M. Fuad 1

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 15, Issue 4, Article No: ep468

Submitted: 24 May 2023, Published Online: 28 August 2023

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This scoping review investigates the potential of bite-sized learning approach in music education. The review identified articles from Scopus and ERIC databases, revealing that bite-sized learning is widely discussed in the field of ICT, mathematics, and medicine. Bite-sized learning is pedagogical and pragmatic, providing easy access, convenience, and reducing cognitive load. The study suggests that music educators can incorporate bite-sized learning by refining music content into manageable small units, utilizing flexible platforms such as TikTok, and tailoring the approach according to learner interests. Bite-sized learning can improve the quality of learning by creating an enjoyable, useful, and understandable learning session, reducing time to mastery, and improving mental health. Moreover, bite-sized learning can align with the 21st century learning traits such as personalization. This review highlights the potential of bite-sized learning in music education and recommends further research to examine its effectiveness in various instruments and related subjects. The study concludes that bite-sized learning can be recognized as a pragmatic, flexible, brevity and personalized learning approach that aligns with the needs of modern learners for the 21st century.



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