e-ISSN: 1309-517X
Exploring pre-service teachers’ ICT competence beliefs

Olga V. Sergeeva 1, Marina R. Zheltukhina 2, Zhanna M. Sizova 3, Alfia M. Ishmuradova 4 * , Oleg V. Khlusyanov 5, Elena P. Kalashnikova 6

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 16, Issue 2, Article No: ep500

Submitted: 04 October 2023, Published Online: 08 March 2024

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It is essential for pre-service teachers to hold positive beliefs about information and communication technology (ICT) and possess digital skills to integrate digital technology successfully into the teaching and learning environments. Although numerous studies have examined teachers’ attitudes toward ICT, little research has examined teachers’ ICT competency beliefs. This research aimed to explore pre-service teachers’ ICT competence beliefs. We used an instrument developed by previous researchers for data collection. The results showed that the pre-service teachers had good ICT competence beliefs. A few gender differences were found between participants’ mean scores on six dimensions of the data collection instrument. No gender differences were found for many items. It was found that there were no significant differences in the years of study of participants across five different grade levels. However, the lowest mean scores were found in analyzing and reflecting, problem-solving, and information and data literacy. Conversely, the highest mean scores were detected in communication and collaboration, digital content creation, and safety and security. Based on these findings, recommendations have been made for practice and future research.



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