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Experiences from the Process of Designing Lessons with Interactive Whiteboard: ASSURE as a Road Map

Bahar Baran 1 *

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp. 367-380

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This study investigates university level students’ experiences of designing lessons with an interactive whiteboard as an instructional medium. The sample consisted of 40 students who will be both moderator of technological resources in schools and computer teachers after graduation from university. In the design of a lesson process, the ASSURE instructional design model was their roadmap. The results showed that none of the students had used interactive whiteboards before the course. However, most of them knew interactive whiteboards from other courses, seminars, or the Internet. Nearly half of the participants had some hesitations when they first learned that they were going to use interactive whiteboards in the course. After using it during a lesson, however, their opinions became positive. In addition, ASSURE instructional design model let them to progress systematically and step-by-step. Most of them had problems to find educational software to use with interactive white board. That is, their primary problem was with the “select instructional methods, media, and materials” step of the ASSURE model.



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