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EFL Learners’ Perceptions, Practices and Achievement with the Online Learning Program Tell Me More

George Gyamfi 1 * , Panida Sukseemuang 1

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 338-358

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The study examined EFL learners’ perceptions, practices and achievement with the online language-learning program Tell Me More (TMM). A questionnaire and semi-structured focus group interview were used for data collection. A sample of 340 EFL learners were surveyed for their perceptions and practices; of them, 10 were further selected for an in-depth semi-structured focus group interview. Data on the learners’ scores at four proficiency levels were analyzed for learners’ achievement. The results indicated that the learners perceived TMM moderately useful and easy to use for learning English. With regard to learners’ practices, they multitasked and sometimes left the program on to count the hours of use. The Pearson’s correlation analysis revealed a positive correlation between learners’ perception of the usefulness and ease of use of TMM. However, there was no correlation between learners’ perceptions and practices. The analysis of learners’ scores indicated an improvement in achievement for learners at the beginner and advanced proficiency levels, while learners at the intermediate and intermediate+ proficiency levels had a drop in their achievement. The findings do not only expand the knowledge base of learners’ perceptions, practices, and achievement with computer-assisted language learning programs but also guide institutions on how to make effective use of educational technologies to improve learning practices and performance.

Keywords: Tell Me More



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