e-ISSN: 1309-517X
Developing an Aid for Obtaining Visual Eight-Fingered Typing Skill for the General Public

Junichi Watanabe 1 *

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp. 308-322

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In 1986 when locally designed personal computer (PC) appeared, the author was unexpectedly involved in calamitous key-search difficulty on the PC keyboard. He created a graphic reference table coping with the difficulty. The table reached immediately a visual aid for obtaining fingering less typing skill helped by graphic conditioned response. After a decade of practicing with the skill, a trial succeeded in enhancing the aid to a visual aid for obtaining eight-fingered typing skill. Even school children with literacy can obtain the superior typing skill effortlessly and shortly. To the contrary of recent remarkable progress in PC capabilities, the general public worldwide has been without any typing methodology ever since invention of typewriter. The cause of it has existed in unbelievable difficulty of finding a clue to developing such an aid. The developed aid is ready to contribute to bridge the gap between PC and the general public. The aid would help fresh general public once a year and even eternally, since ideas, thoughts and others in the human brains are the last thing to be typewritten automatically.