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A techno-pedagogical design for the production of academic essays in university students

Gilber Chura-Quispe 1 * , Raúl Alberto Garcia Castro 1

CONT ED TECHNOLOGY, Volume 16, Issue 1, Article No: ep486

Submitted: 30 August 2023, Published Online: 01 January 2024

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The aim of the research was to verify whether the techno-pedagogical design based on flipped learning and collaborative writing (TPD-FLACW) improves the level of academic essay production in university students. The research approach was quantitative, explanatory-experimental, and quasi-experimental in design. The sample consisted of 109 students enrolled in the faculty of engineering of a university in Tacna. In the experimental group (A=40) TPD-FLACW was implemented and in the control groups traditional individual writing (B=29) and traditional team writing (C=40) were applied. TPD-FLACW was validated by 16 expert judges (CVCtc=.934, k=.392, p=.000) and applied between September and December 2022-II. A rubric was used to assess the pretest and posttest. The results indicate that in the pretest there were no significant differences between the three groups (H=.286; p>.05), but in the posttest, the experimental group obtained a high and significant improvement in the level of academic essay production (H=24.863, p<.05, ε2>.200) in comparison with groups B and C. There are also significant differences in the dimensions of superstructure, macrostructure, microstructure and textual stylistics. The students rate the proposal positively and recommend it. In conclusion, TPD-FLACW improves the level of academic essay production of university student.



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