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Contemporary Educational Technology has completed its fourth year with great success. We're proud to say that our journal has received considerable and continuing attention since the first issue. It has become a well-known academic journal in the field educational technology and instructional design worldwide. We have published a number of research, development, and review articles from about thirty different countries representing all continents. We're trying to cover more countries, authors, and topics with every new issue.

Contemporary Educational Technology has always been published on time without reducing the quality. In fact, we have increased the overall quality of the journal with each issue and contributed to the field of educational technology more visibly. Our citation statistics have improved significantly over time. All these progresses have been possible with generous support of the editorial board members and the reviewers. We really appreciate their prolonged contributions.

Contemporary Educational Technology is now listed in more indexes, databases, and libraries. Tens of scientific indexes and hundreds of libray systems around the world provide constant access to our journal. Moreover, our journal has recently been reviewed by some organizations that conduct impact factor evaluations for the scientific community. The impact factor has found to be extraordinary as reported by the Universal Impact Factor. We hope that we will do even better at each issue and improve our ranking with the contributions of colleagues around the world.

Best wishes,

Professor Ali Simsek






Contemporary Educational Technology, 2010

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