Book Review: Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom


The book essentially emphasizes that UDL reduces the barriers that students from diverse backgrounds come across in learning to minimum. Furthermore, the book offers a rich explanation showing how UDL enhances learning opportunities of diverse students with its principles. The book repeatedly points that the UDL curricula takes the learner differences into consideration and provides a flexible learning environment helping all students. Thus, the book is ultimately a must-be and a vital guide for authorities in the field of education and it will be very supportive to school teachers and school administrators in redesigning their curriculum. The authors of the book demonstrates the benefits of using UDL by giving examples from a variety of classes such as math, science, history and arts. Educators who apply the UDL principles into their classes will notice that their students will be more successful in various subjects that are perceived to be difficult. UDL is indisputably a valuable paradigm that can make a big revolution in traditional classes.