Book Review: Cyberpsychology - An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction


Kent L. Norman tries to make a modest contribution to the human-computer interaction (HCI) field through embracing a psychology perspective. While talking about the HCI, it is not easy to predict the future. However, through understanding the psychology of HCI, it can be easier to use the contemporary technology more effectively, and solve the current and potential human performance problems better. Even though the book can be regarded as elementary and imperfect for a scholar who is familiar with the contemporary HCI research, it can be considered as a reader-friendly and intriguing starting point for undergraduate students of instructional technology and psychology, who may want to probe further into HCI. In addition, the text can contribute to computer interface designers and people studying in computer science as well. The book can also be used as a useful resource for anybody interested in HCI to understand the new psychology of the digital age: Cyberpsychology.