Book Review: 21st Century Skills - Learning for Life in Our Times


The book aims to provide insight into education in the 21st century. It offers practical advice and comprehensive information on 21st century skills, and collection of skills, knowledge, and attitudes required in this age for educators, policymakers, school administrators, parents, and students. The idea behind the book is that there have been so many drastic transformations in the last few decades so the shifts in how skills like critical thinking and problem solving are learned and practiced in everyday life have been inevitable. The 21st century skills covered in the book can be placed in three categories: (a) Learning and innovation skills: Critical thinking and problem solving, Communications and collaboration, and Creativity and innovation; (b) Digital literacy skills: Information literacy, Media literacy, and Information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy; and (c) Career and life skills: Flexibility and adaptability, Initiative and self-direction, Social and cross-cultural interaction, Productivity and accountability, and Leadership and responsibility.